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Welcome to Just {Declare} It

As I started researching the build release pipeline from an Ops perspective, I started to realize that the majority of information out on the web was from the perspective of a developer, using developer tools, to accomplish developer goals and I figured this was something I could help fix.

As DevOps takes hold in organizations, it often starts from the developer side of the house, which oddly enough, makes it decidedly un-DevOps, but the term is used regardless. This approach often causes those of us in operations to throw up walls, cry foul, and do exactly what this new model is supposed to help us avoid

Here on this blog, I hope to discuss many operational maturity ideas and methodologies, including powershell automation, release piplelines, infrastructure from code etc. In fact, this very first post comes to you via a continuous delivery pipeline, from source markdown files, to published Azure website, at the click of git commit -m "new site yay"

Keep an eye out for a future walkthrough on how I did it.