PowerShell Conference Book Giveaway - February 2019

This month I’m doing something a little special and teaming up with another awesome community run event.


PSPowerHour is organized every month by Michael and Warren and encourages folks to come and give a few minutes of their time talking about something they do in powershell that can help others.

This month we have two PSPowerHours to cover a variety of time zones.

The events this month are as follows:

All you have to do to be entered into this months giveaway is attend PSPowerHour, either as a presenter or viewer, this is a great community event and the more folks the better :)

send me some evidence of your attendance, a cheeky screen grab, a shout out from @barbarankb or @pscookiemonster) with your name on it, or the youtube stream with you showing off some cool PowerShell! I’ll make sure your name gets in the hat!

Good luck to everyone who choses to participate