PowerShell Conference Book Giveaway - December 2018

UPDATE 1/4/2019

We did not receive any winning entries for December 18, I know everyone slows down a but during the holiday period as such I am extending this set of requirements through the end of January 2019 and awarding two winners!

As some of you already know, for the next eleven months I am giving away a single copy of the PowerShell Conference Book each month to a community member.

We had less than ten entries last month, so with those odds everybody could win right?

Last month I asked for people who contributed to the community via its unofficial home on Slack, this month, It’s more about community, but for those of you a little more introvert :)

How to Enter

For December, it’s still going to be pretty simple. Create a piece of original content, a blog, a video, an article, something PowerShell related that you can share with the community. The content should be published this month, and it should be your own

tag me in a tweet about it, or send me a DM over on the PowerShell slack channel to enter!

if you need to join, sign up over on slack directly

I’m a little late getting this one out, so I’m not suggesting any hard word counts or lengths, but try to think about the kind of detail you would want in an article that helps you solve a problem :)

It’s that simple!

Good Luck! and there are still 10 more copies to give away after this ;)