PowerShell Conference Book Giveaway - November 2018

For the next twelve months I am giving away a single copy of the PowerShell Conference Book each month to a community member.

I haven’t quite figured out the best way to do that yet, so I figured I may mix it up a little each month!

How to Enter

For November, we are going to keep it simple. Be a part of the powershell community and participate the PowerShell slack channel if you need to join, sign up over on slack directly

Ask some questions, answer some questions, be part of the community, then find and DM me in the powershell slack channel with your email address to enter the november giveaway. If you are active in the community in another manner, such as a blogger or forum participant, send a link in your entry to what you’re up to

It’s that simple!

Good Luck! and there are still 11 more copies to give away after this ;)

Update 12/3/2018:

We announced the November 2018 winner! Congratulations to Juan!