A New Start

As many of you who follow me on social know, I gave my notice a few weeks ago, bringing to an end my more than fifteen years in consulting (for now). It wasn’t an easy decision for me, for numerous reasons, but one of the reasons that at the beginning seemed to make the decision harder, ultimately led me to make the choice I did. Getting Comfortable I had become very comfortable in my previous role, a role I had held at the same organization for almost 8 years over the last 10 (with a little adjustment in scope here and there). [Read More]

Getting started with Hugo

Hugo is a static site generator written in GO that is gaining a bit of a following around the web. I had originally intended to use the more familiar Jekyll SSG but after a quick chat with Steven Murwaski he pointed me to Hugo and I took a closer look Step 1. Source Control all the things I had already started down this path with Jekyll so I already had a local and remote repo configured, I went ahead and created a new branch to give Hugo a go [Read More]

Just Gift It

I like to gift books. A former boss gifted me a book once, and I immediately realized the value of not only that particular gift (it was a good read) but also the act itself. Books provide incredible value to the reader, and when working in teams, a book that opened an idea up to you, given at the right time can help others understand your positioning and approach to challenges, bringing a certain level of group understanding, if not always agreement ;) [Read More]

Just {Declare} It. A DevOps blog, for Ops

Welcome to Just {Declare} It As I started researching the build release pipeline from an Ops perspective, I started to realize that the majority of information out on the web was from the perspective of a developer, using developer tools, to accomplish developer goals and I figured this was something I could help fix. As DevOps takes hold in organizations, it often starts from the developer side of the house, which oddly enough, makes it decidedly un-DevOps, but the term is used regardless. [Read More]